Allcoasts Insurance Group believe in “good old fashioned service”.


  The aim is to always provide you with outstanding service; this is a long-term commitment and the basis upon which this business was built.

  More than just an Insurance Broker, the goal is assist you and work with you to provide total risk solutions.

    As professionals in our industry, backed by a solid foundation of knowledge, experience and a genuine commitment to meeting yours and your business needs.


The goal is to exceed clients expectations.

Our Clients needs are recognised and acted on.

 About Dean Parham;

My working career began in the finance and banking sector in Perth, after 5 years I moved on from the banking industry looking for a more challenging career.  I joined Mayne Nickless in one of their transport divisions Total Transport in the mid seventies as a Fleet Controller, looking after the local and interstate transport.

My career path moved into the earthmoving industry where I managed a medium sized earthmoving business, and also owned and operated my own backhoes.

For a sea change I bought a business in Albany around the time of the America’s Cup challenge in Fremantle, where I sold fuel, gas and fast food, as well as operated an attached restaurant. I enjoyed the location and the challenge but a young family dictated my move back to the city.

On return I was convinced to move into the motor trade with my brother, where I was able to utilise my business skills and transport experience assisting clients in their purchase of commercial vehicles for  both small and large businesses. I moved on to spend many years assisting both owner operators and companies purchase Isuzu and Volvo trucks.  

In 1993 I moved to Brisbane. On arrival I looked for an opportunity where I could use my background within the transport industry and as a business owner to assist others. I joined National Transport Insurance in early 1994 as an Insurance Agent and set out to assist transport operators with my insurance agency specialising in heavy motor and earthmover insurances.

After six years at  NTI I found there were limitations in being a tied agent to a heavy motor insurer, the main one being I was unable to look after any other needs my clients’ may have had such as property insurances and business insurances. As good and competitive as NTI was and still is, I also felt I would not be offering my client’s a full service without knowing what the open market could offer them to insure their business.

After a break where I built the east coast representation of a major heavy vehicle rental business, I went on to establish my own general insurance agency where I am now able to go to the open market on behalf of clients, and continue to assist not only transport operators but all business owners with their ongoing insurance needs.  

Having owned and operated my own businesses, employed people, built businesses from scratch, I fully understand the challenges faced by business owners and have a very broad understanding of the risks and day to day challenges.

I look forward to assisting my clients with their ongoing businesses insurance needs.